Corporate responsibility

NBN Co is wholly owned by the Australian Government through the shareholding of the Minister for Communications and the Minister for Finance. We are committed to operating a wholesale, open access network and making its wholesale services available to Service Providers on non-discriminatory terms.

This multi-billion dollar investment will be the single largest nation building infrastructure project in Australian history and we take the responsibility of managing this major investment of Australia's funds very seriously.

To ensure cost effectiveness NBN Co will:

  • Seek simplicity by limiting the functions that we perform to those critical to delivering our objectives, thereby controlling cost for our partners
  • Focus on uncontested infrastructure by carefully evaluating where NBN Co participates in the network and technology areas to ensure that there is limited NBN Co investment in assets and activities that are already provided by other operators on a competitive basis in accordance with legal requirements
  • Align with global standards and proven technology - to ensure competitive vendor pricing and minimise technology risk/risk of stranded assets

As part of our corporate responsibility we have created detailed approaches to Governance, Risk Management, Environment, Industry Competition and our Code of Conduct.