Weekly Progress Report

The rollout of the NBN covers existing built-up areas (Brownfield) and new developments (Greenfields) using fixed-line, satellite and fixed wireless technologies.
The downloadable chart (right) shows the progress of the rollout outlining the number of premises passed, the services activated and  those passed but currently unable to connect (service class 0).

The data contained in this document reflects NBN Co’s position for the week ending 13 April 2014.

Variations in numbers from week to week reflect the modular construction program. That is construction is completed in blocks, so that there may be large upward jumps in some weeks and less or none in others. Following completion of the construction process passing premises in the streets, further validation of address data is undertaken of the “as-built” network against estimates obtained from national address data. There may be some fluctuation in numbers from week to week as a result.

Weekly Summary

This weekly report by NBN Co of network rollout progress reflects the Government’s requirements for greater transparency as set out in its 24 September 2013 Statement of Expectations to NBN Co. This shows rollout progress as of last Sunday 13 April 2014.

A total of 2,188 additional lots/premises were passed/covered by the network during the week, of which 815 were in Brownfield and 941 were in Greenfield areas. Fixed wireless coverage increased by 432 premises During the week an additional 3,175 premises had services activated on the network, including 2,859 on fixed line services and 316 using satellite and fixed wireless technologies.