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The Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments (‘TIND’) Policy sets out the Federal Government’s approach to providing telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. The Policy has been under review since 2014 and it is anticipated that a new version of the TIND Policy will be released in April 2015. The draft TIND Policy was released in December 2014 and is available at

Although the New TIND Policy is yet to be published NBN Co is beginning to operationalise some of the key policy changes related to cost recovery. Once the final New TIND Policy has been released, we understand aspects of it will apply from the 1 March 2015, consistent with the draft policy released on 11 December 2014 and as publicly advised by the Department of Communications on 27 February 2015. As contemplated by the draft policy, NBN Co expects that the proposed charges under the New Policy will apply to all new development applications which have been approved on or after 1 March 2015 and will begin entering into agreements that reflect the terms of the New Policy from 13 April 2015. Deployment charges will not apply to developments approved by NBN Co before the March 1 2015, or for those covered by a pre-existing developer agreement prior to this date. All stages covered by master plans appended to pre-existing Developer Agreements will be covered by the terms of those agreements and therefore the new charges will not apply to such stages.

NBN has changed its online application forms in line with the new policy. Further updates to NBN’s website to be made in the coming week. For further information regarding the TIND Policy please read our FAQs


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