Network features

The NBN Co product set has been developed to achieve the vision, objectives and goal of delivering services over Australia's superfast broadband network with a broadly consistent product set over different technologies. The NBN utilises fibre, wireless or satellite technology. Our approach is to give the flexibility to purchase capacity on the NBN as if it were the Service Provider's own network.

Network features:

  • Network Ubiquity: Once the rollout is complete, Service Providers will be able to connect to the National Broadband Network nationwide through 121 Points of Interconnect. This means the network has the potential to increase productivity and deliver bandwidth intensive services regardless of location.
  • Performance: NBN Co expects to offer up to four traffic classes over the NBN to support the variety of applications that will run across the network. These four traffic classes will give Service Providers choice in the configuration of services such as superfast broadband, IPTV, voice and video conferencing.
  • Speed: By offering superfast speeds1, our product delivers a strong headline speed to all Australians.
  • Upload Speeds: The NBN Co product set will include offerings with a range of upload speeds - which may better suit the requirements of business partners. Some of these offerings are up to 40 times faster than current uploads speeds available over some copper-based services. This is suited to applications such as high definition video conferencing and Internet TV.
  • Ease of Migration: Our product set and support systems have been designed to assist to facilitate service migration from existing services in the market today.
  • Service Management Tools: As the rollout progresses, NBN Co's Access Service will be supported by automated systems and processes for service ordering, provisioning, assurance, reporting and billing. This is intended to provide a simple and consistent interface regardless of whether you are utilising fibre, satellite or wireless.

Our features and functionality will be released in a phased approach, as technology capability is developed into product, operational systems are put in place and the construction footprint is increased.

1 The speeds actually experienced by consumers over fibre, wireless, satellite or copper will depend on a number of factors including the retail broadband plan they choose, their equipment and their in premises connection.